What's the earliest you can start potty training?

Q: What is the earliest you can start to potty train your kids? My son is 14 months old. Is he too young to start trying?

A: Really 14 months is too young, at that age it is the parent who is being "trained" to know the child's schedule and read the signs of the child needing to use the bathroom rather than the child actually being "trained". Many children who are "trained" under the age of two will stop being sucessful and need to be "re-trained" at some point in the future. Between 18 and 24 months of age most children will begin to have an interest in what goes on in the bathroom. This is a great time to invest in a potty chair and start talking about what happens in the bathroom with the terms that are comfortable for your family. Reward willingness to sit on the potty even if they are unsucessful attempts. If you can stay positive and reward heavily for success with time your son will be fully toilet trained. 


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