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What's the best way to reward my child for using the potty?

What's the best way to reward my child for using the potty?
Submitted by Parents Team

It depends on what you're comfortable with and what your child responds to. Start with plenty of praise -- many kids are motivated by the sheer pleasure they give their parents. But if you feel that your child needs an actual reward in order to feel successful, that's fine. Many parents do well with stickers, candy, or small toys or figurines from your kid's favorite movies and cartoons. Just be aware that as you up the ante with gifts, your praise becomes less potent. --Donna Christiano

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I Potty Trained BOTH My Kids In 3 Days FLAT! Just By Following This Guide!!  --> <-- P.s. IT REALLY WORKS!!
Submitted by wolfof718gmail
We found a piggy bank that sings every time you drop money in it. So we have plenty of pennies just for my son. He looks forward to hearing the piggy sing and dances around it.
Submitted by keonaking80
My son wont let go of the diaper. He cries, when he sits down he wont go potty and holds it till i put on a diaper what can i do? when a prize nor my words confort him?
Submitted by kflores2008