Should I transition my toddler to a bed before beginning potty training?

Q: Please let me know!

A: Every child is different and there is no need to move to a toddler bed before initiating potty training. The move to a toddler bed is a change that should be made when the child is large enough that they may be able to climb out of the crib as a fall to the floor can be dangerous. For some children, this size happens before age 18 months which for most children is too young to initiate potty training. When you child shows an interest in the toilet, is starting to be dry during nap time or bedtime, and you have the time to commit to toilet training they are ready to begin learn to use the toilet. Push them to the bathroom too early and you may have initial success and frusteration a few weeks to months later when the desire to use the toilet disappears. Children can also develop constipation from being pushed to toilet train to soon. The average male child potty trains between ages 3 to 3 and 1/2 and the average female between 2 and 1/2 and 3. Make both transitions as positive as possible, reward with praise or small treats for success in getting the job done in the bathroom or remaining in the toddler bed all night and avoid punishing for accidents or nightitme visits to your room. Stay calm change the clothes or return the child to their bed immeadiately and try again as persistence will pay off in the end. Remember that 5% of completely normal children still wet the bed at age 5 years and this will resolve with time. This is not something that the child can not control and they should not be punished for the behavior.


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