How do I help my child move from the potty to the big toilet?

Q: How do I help my child move from the potty to the big toilet?

A: Moving your child from potty to toilet can be almost as tricky as getting him on the potty in the first place, but it's an important accomplishment. When children start preschool or begin spending time at other kids' houses -- where kiddie potties aren't always present -- they need to get used to going in regular toilets. Start by placing his potty in the bathroom next to the toilet, so your child gets used to the idea of "going to the bathroom." Then buy a kid-friendly toilet ring (look for ones with his favorite cartoon characters, colors, etc.) and a stepstool to help him climb up there. Start encouraging your kid to try going on the big toilet. You can make this more appealing by offering an extra prize for going there, for example, or making a game out of it (watching toilet paper swirl out of the toilet can be fascinating to some kids). If your child's really resistant, let him watch as you move the contents from his little potty into the main toilet -- it'll show him that going potty has the same end result no matter what. Once he's comfortable on the big toilet, put the mini potty away. --Karin A. Bilich

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