How can I potty train my less than willing two year old?

Q: My two year old girl (who will soon will be three) does not like potty training. She has done pee pee a few times but after that just won't anymore. She cries when we try and put her on the potty and I've also taken her to the bathroom with me so that she can watch me do it. We've also tried bribes and its just not working. We don't know what else to do!

A: At this point, I'd suggest you back off a bit (as best you can!). You don't want your daughter's potty training to turn into a power struggle; as she resists you up the ante of the conflict. I'd stop offering reminders about the potty. You want to follow your daughter's cues and lead. You want her to think that potty training was all her idea. But support her and set her up for success. Have a potty she can get to all on her own (that she doesn't need help or a stool to reach). Have a stack of underwear as well as a stack of diapers/training pants avail and let HER chose which she would like to wear. Keep up the conversations and great modeling (talk about going pee and let her observe). But don't force or push her into the bathroom or place her on the toilet if it is isn't her idea. Eventually (really---sometime before college, I promise) she will explore potty training all on her own. When it's her idea and her time, and the right day for her, she will start down the road. As hard as it is, the most important thing you can do is let her lead the way. Good luck!


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