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How can I motivate my child to potty train?

My 3-year-old is adamant about not using the potty. How can I motivate her?
Submitted by Parents Team

Put toilet-teaching on the back burner for a few weeks, or even months. If you push, your child will resist, and if you push harder, your child will resist harder. Watch for your child's natural inclination toward toilet-teaching -- showing interest in the potty, telling you when she's gone in her diapers, and using bathroom words like "pee-pee" or "poopy." --Donna Christiano

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Does it count as "interested" if she is wanting to flush the toilet and wants to know what's in the toilet? She's 17 months.
Submitted by tultsch20011
i usually give my 18 month old son a book when i put him on the potty. i dont know why it helps but it does...maybe it takes off some of the pressure to potty. try giving her a book!
Submitted by kylesmommy2009