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Do girls potty train faster than boys?

I've heard girls learn to use the potty faster than boys do. Is that true?
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Girls tend to begin a few months earlier than boys, but every child -- regardless of gender -- is different and learns at his or her own pace. Some 2-year-olds may master the potty in just a couple of weeks; others may take several months or more. And that's only during the day; staying dry at night usually takes even longer -- a few weeks to many months. At night, your child has to hold urine for many hours, and if she's a deep sleeper, she may not wake up when she feels the urge to pee. Be prepared for accidents by protecting your child's mattress with a waterproof sheet or mattress pad. --Nancy Mattia

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I agree; I tried to start potty for my little boy as early as 10 months; Now he will tell me whenever he needs to go; We use diapers only for pipi.
Submitted by shanthi_subramanian
It's not a matter of boys and girls, but a matter of partents and introducing potty time. I am the mother of a 21 months old little boy. I first put himon the potty when he was a little over seven months old. for the first week i would put him with the clothes on, just to "get used" to the ideea - me not to forget to put him on the potty; and him to begin to like it. He got used to it verry fast, and he got this habit of needing the potty right after his meals. We use the diapers only for pipi