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When will my child be able to name and point to body parts?

When will my child be able to name and point to his own body parts?
Submitted by Parents Team

Remember all those choruses of "head, shoulders, knees, and toes" you've sung to your child? Between 15 and 18 months it will finally start to pay off. As your toddler's word comprehension and memory develop by leaps and bounds, he'll be able to start pointing to body parts as you say them, even if he can't name them himself yet (that will probably begin around age 2). Build your child's vocabulary by naming his body parts during your daily routines like bathing, dressing, and diapering. It's also a great idea to point out and name objects you see regularly when you go for a walk in your neighborhood. --Leslie Gross Klaff

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I agree. I have learned that the the key to to teaching my son anything is repetition, and keeping it fun and light.
Submitted by pamalauriel
My daughter starting pointing body parts at 12 months. She is now 17 months and she can point pretty much at each part in her body. What I did was duting bath time, asked for the body part and whenever she forgot I would do it myself on my body or took her hand and did it on herself. It woked very well....we did it pretty much every day for a couple of months.
Submitted by cbro74
My daughter is 20 months old and for the most part she started naming body parts about the age of one. She could point to some easier parts prior to that, but is now a PRO. The game we played was at diaper changing time and bathtime-- we just reviewed parts. The key is repetition whatever the task with young ones!!
Submitted by katiebruening23