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How can I encourage my toddler to share?

My toddler grabs anything in sight -- keys, phones, handbags, other kids' toys -- and yells "Mine!" How can I put a stop to this?
Submitted by Parents Team

You can't. It's perfectly normal toddler behavior, and although you can introduce the concept of sharing by playing games that involve taking turns, your child is too young to share willingly. Children this age are naturally possessive, and they don't have a clue about other people's feelings. Unless there's a safety issue, don't pry an item from your daughter's hands; you'll only teach her that it's okay to use physical force. If she takes a toy from another child, apologize on her behalf and try to distract her so you can give the toy back to its owner. Before a playdate, discuss the grabbing issue with the other kid's mom and decide how you're going to handle it. Agreeing on a course of action in advance will make it easier to sit back and not intervene unless it's really necessary. --Sally Lee

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Love the experts. Also, we had a rule in preschool--when someone is using something, they can use it until they're done, then it can be someone else's turn. Takes out the child feeling they doesn't have any control over things. And, when a child leaves a toy, then tries to come back when someone else is using it, "your turn is over"--you went on to something else. (If we as adults have a cherished object, do we just turn around and give it up to whoever wants it?)
Submitted by whattodo2