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What symptoms would indicate I'm having twins?

How can I tell if I'm having twins? My doctor said the pregnancy symptoms might be worse or stay the same as having one baby.  This is my first pregnancy so what should I look for?

Submitted by michiesbaby75

Pregnancy symptoms are different for each woman. A woman's uterus will feel bigger during an exam in the first trimester and, in general, having twins can mean a higher incidence of morning sickness due to the increased levels of hormones.  There can also be a higher incidence of first trimester bleeding because there is a high percentage of pregnant women miscarrying one twin early on.  All women are recommended to receive a first trimester ultrasound, usually done at the first or second visit to the obstetrician, to look for twins or a higher number of multiples, a fetal heartbeat, and a fetal measurement to ensure accurate dating.  At the ultrasound, your doctor will know for sure if you are having twins, and you won't need to worry about guessing anymore.

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