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Will a breech baby turn at 38 weeks?

If my baby is in the breech position at 38 weeks, what are the chances she'll turn before my due date?

Submitted by tilyaw

A breech position means that your baby is not head down and that either the baby's bottom or feet are positioned next to your cervix instead of his head.  Many babies are breech during the early part of pregnancy, well up into the late second and early third trimesters.  However, if a baby has not turned around into a head down position by about 36 weeks, it is very unlikely that he will do so on his own prior to delivery.  If you really want to try to have a vaginal delivery, talk to your practitioner about accupuncture and external cephalic version (physically moving your baby into a head down position).  These techniques are often successful in repositioning a little one before labor begins.

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