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Is it dangerous to give birth to twins?

I'll be giving birth to identical twin girls at the end of October. This is my first pregnancy, and since these are twins, I am especially nervous! What are the risks and pains of twin birth?

Submitted by grovergirl12

There are three different types of "identical twins" (dichorionic diamniotic, monochorionic monoamniotic, and dichorionic monoamniotic) and they have different risks associated with them. In general, identical twins need to be monitored more closely during the pregnancy, and they are often monitored in conjunction with a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist.  In general, all sets of twins are delivered 2-4 weeks before your due date, but sometimes they come on their own even before that.  And the type of delivery (vaginal or cesarean) that will be safest depends on the type of identical twins you are carrying.  You should consult your obstetrician and review symptoms of preterm labor as your pregnancy progresses.

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