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Is it safe to take sleep aids while pregnant?

I'm having alot of trouble sleeping so I was wondering if it's okay to take them and, if so, what kinds are safest?

Submitted by christinadenny1

Trouble sleeping is normal is pregnancy. I tell my patients that they should avoid caffeine or drinking excessive fluid in the evening hours to try and prevent needing to use the restroom at night. Sleep aids are safe depending upon the type. Tylenol PM is simply acetaminophen mixed with benadryl and both drugs alone are considered safe in pregnancy so the combination is also assumed to be a safe sleep aid. Any other sleep aids that are prescription needs to be discussed with your OB.

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My doctor told me Tylenol PM was fine to take and he actually prescribed me Unisom to help with preventing nausea.
Submitted by Bumblebee8712
I have PTS (post-traumatic-stress disorder) so sleeping has always been an issue but now that im pregnant its considered even worst so i was suggested benadryl that its harmless to mi baby; i believe it would work well enough for normal pregnancies but i was told (before they knew about mi PTS) not to take tylenol PM for pains nor sleeping...but i guess to each her owns depending on your doctor
Submitted by juss_diamond