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How to keep morning sickness under control in the car?

I'm 11 weeks pregnant with my second child and I never had any morning sickness with my first, but with this baby I have it all day every day. We're headed out of town to see my husband's family tomorrow, and its an 11 hour drive. I'm worried about morning sickness in the car. Any ideas on what I can do to ease nausea and stay comfortable on the road?

Submitted by sarahjean4421

Morning sickness (or all-day sickness as I like to call it) is awful and can certainly be made worse by any kind of travel, be it air, land or sea.  There are a few tips on making your journey a little easier though.  First of all, I would recommend either driving or being in the front seat.  Sitting in the back will almost always make you feel worse.  Make sure you are getting lots of fresh air putting the windows down (weather permitting!), and make sure whomever you are traveling with knows ahead of time that you may be requesting frequent stops (not only for a potty break but also to get out and walk around for a few minutes every hour or two).  Staying well-hydrated and having snacks with you will also help decrease your nausea, as having an empty stomach almost always adds fuel to the fire.  If possible, take a nap to help the time go by more quickly.  And certainly, let your OB know so that you can be prepared with medication should you need it.  Benadryl, which is over-the-counter and safe during pregnancy is a great medication to have with you during your trip.  It can really help with nausea, although getting sleepy is a sure side effect.  Another medication commonly prescribed for motion sickness is Meclizine and is prescription only.  This is also safe to take if necessary, so it may be a good idea to get the prescription so you have it if you need it!

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The only thing that helped my pregnancy nausea was chewing on raw ginger root. You can buy ginger root in capsules if the smell or taste of the raw product is completely revolting to you, but I did not find the capsules as effective. Also, you need to keep a steady supply of Gatorade in the house. Extreme amounts of vomiting, like I had in my first 10 weeks of pregnancy, can throw your electrolytes off balance, and make you feel even sicker.
Submitted by cheetahmonster