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Can sex during the last weeks of pregnancy speed up labor?

Can sex during the last weeks of pregnancy speed up labor?
Submitted by Parents Team

Yes and no. If you're a few weeks away from your due date, sex won't do much to induce labor. On the other hand, having intercourse when you're overdue can speed things along because prostaglandins, hormone-like substances in semen, help soften and ripen your cervix to get it ready for delivery. --Julie Taylor

Answered by Parents Team

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It will help! I was actually 29 weeks pregnant and my partner "came" inside my vagina and within 4 hours i was in Pre-Term labor! We decided to put it off till i was 36 weeks, again i went into Pre-Term labor. (I was having contractions 2-3 mins. apart and was dilated to 3 but, my water didnt break so docs. helped pain w/ meds and sent me home. So This time-at 38 weeks im sure to begin contracting and start labor. Will doctors break my water at 38 weeks if i am contracting and dilated enough?
Submitted by brandypaad
im 40 weeks pregnant.. i had intercourse last night and my mucus plug hasnt fallen out nor have i felt any contractions. guess this method doesnt work for everybody.
Submitted by krystaltwaco_21
It is place where women can get some pregnancy related tips and solve their confusion related to pregnancy from conception to the birth and even the care giving to the young baby.
Submitted by gargsweta69
very good and helpful to know.. thanks.
Submitted by lady.yadi
Hasn't helped me any. But none the less I don't mind to keep at it. It does help relieve my back pressure.
Submitted by dannalindsey
I was 41 wks and in the middle of having intercourse, when severe pressure like my bladder was full. I lost my "plug" when I called my Dr, who told me not to worry, since no pain yet. 12 hrs later I delivered my first child, a beautiful boy, 9lbs 13 oz, 24 in long and beautiful. Actually he delivered him self. So I think that he was just ready.!! penny in NC
Submitted by penny27858
Submitted by alize.nino
I was maybe a week away from my due date when was having intercourse and went into labor. But this time around it doesn't seem like its not going to work the same way. And when i have intercourse it sometimes feels uncomfortable.
Submitted by banksalexis1
with my first child i went to the hospital because i was having contractions and the mucus plug had been expelled, they sent me back home and told me to have intercourse if i wanted to give birth. so we did so that night and the following morning i was having even more contractions and we went to target and walked around after about 15 minutes in went into the hospital and 4 hours later he was born, at 39 weeks. however, we both climax during the entire pregnancy and nothing until that night. I am pregnant again and this pregnancy is different because we have tried intercourse but afterwords my uterus begins to contract, so thats a no-no this time around
Submitted by onidia911
I think this really depends on your body. with my first child i had intercourse at 37, 38 and 39 weeks, then had to have a csection because i would not dialate even when induced! now with my second, im debating whether to even try?!?
Submitted by kristagray86
the semen softens the cervix if its uncomfortable u can do nipple stimulation or use primrose oil it has prostaglandins just like semen.
Submitted by Kmarie
Aboslutely!! We arent talking just about intercorse either...I dont know if it just relaxed me enough to go into labor but in general it helped plenty. The night I went into labor I spent the whole day walking the dog on the beach and had sex in the eveining...right after that I was off to the hospital :-)
Submitted by boriana841
I'm 39 weeks and we've had sex every day and so far, no progress. We are, however, enjoying ourselves immensely :-)
Submitted by nihootie
Yes it can I was 37 weeks with my last child and had sex then with in hours I was in labor. So I think it can help.
Submitted by jendiaz071
I think if your ready it makes a difference. I had sex at 37, and 38 wks. and didn't deliver till 41 weeks.
Submitted by evpay
I believe sex can help. I was 37 weeks pregnant and had sex and a couple hours later I was in labor. :)
Submitted by VereniseAlvarez
Submitted by ELIZABETH85