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Will the skin tabs I've developed during pregnancy go away?

I am now 8 months pregnant and have developed many "skin tabs" on my chest - mainly between my breasts. Why and will they go away? Some of them hurt.

Submitted by akmcglothen

Skin tags are very common findings in pregnancy.  They tend to occur in areas of the body where there is more friction, such as under the arms, neck and breast area where a woman's bra sits.  Additionally, they are thought to grow with the increase in estrogen that occurs during pregnancy.  The good news is that they are not harmful, and after your pregnancy is over, they can be easily removed if they are still bothering you.  If they are painful now, you can try switching your bra to one that does not rub in that area, such as an exercise/sports bra.  If that doesn't work, speak to your dermatologist regarding removal.

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