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Why is baby not kicking after sex?

After my husband and I finish having sex, my baby seems to get quiet. What's going on?
Submitted by Parents Team

No worries! The rocking motions you make during lovemaking can cause the fetus to go into a sleep cycle. --Julie Taylor

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I think that what you feel when you say the baby moves "up" is actually your uterus contracting
Submitted by MommaDana
i agree with u NaniMcElhanon,my baby moves up to the right side when we make love and when am sleeping,aslo early in the morning
Submitted by spoliten
my baby moves UP after we make love. and also pushes seems like that when i wake up early in the morning too...but after i stand up he moves back down adn recedes back..gravity has no effect on him when im laying down?
Submitted by NaniMcElhanon