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Should I still wear a seat belt while I'm pregnant?

Should I still wear a seat belt while I'm pregnant?
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You may think that strapping in your ever-growing belly may somehow hurt your baby, but that's simply not true. You should absolutely continue wearing a seat belt every time you ride in a car. Both you and your baby will be much safer in the event of an accident if you buckle up (not to mention that it's the law). But as your tummy gets bigger, you'll need to adjust the way you wear your seat belt. Although your baby is very well cushioned in his amniotic fluid, it's not a good idea to place the belt across or above your abdomen. Instead, place the lap portion of the seat belt across your hips, below your belly. The shoulder strap should go across the center of your chest (between your breasts), not under your arm. If you're in the driver's seat, sit as far back from the steering wheel as you can, while still reaching the pedals comfortably. And if you're ever in a car accident (even a minor fender bender), you should see your doctor so she can confirm that both you and your baby are doing fine.

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I have found some good tips in following link, It may be good for you too,
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I use one of those big binder clips at the top of my seatbelt to loosen it SLIGHTLY.
Submitted by judd_brooke