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Is there a way to prevent babies from wrapping themselves around neck with umbilical cord?

I am really worried about the umbilical cord wrapping around my baby's neck. Are there any signs I need to be aware of or any way I can avoid this? I have been really stressed about this. I'll be 30 Weeks this Saturday. Any advice?

Submitted by latoiyalynn

Although worrying about the umbilical cord getting wrapped around your baby's neck is a very common concern among pregnant women, know that as often as it happens, it rarely causes a problem.  Babies are living in water (amniotic fluid) and their in utero environment can be compared to being in a big swimming pool for 9 1/2 months.  Particularly in the first and early second trimesters when a baby's size is very small, their constant movement can lead to wrapping the umbilical cord around different parts of their body-- arms, legs and sometimes their necks.  In fact, 25 to 40% of babies are born with their umbilical cord wrapped around their neck (called a nuchal cord).  There is nothing that can be done to prevent this.  But, there is no need to worry.  Remember that a baby is getting his or her oxygen supply from you via the umbilical cord, not from air going in the trachea like we do.  And, the first thing your practitioner will do once your baby's head comes out during delivery, is slip a finger around the back of the neck to check whether or not there is a cord there.  If there is, it's usually loose enough to slip it easily over your baby's head prior to delivering the rest of the body.

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Crazy people telling the doctor is wrong! Of course things go wrong, but thank you very much for making people worry for something which is very common and a very small issue. Anecdotal evidence - Also leave God out of it, if you want to call God the cause, look at the billions he kills. As for prenatal heart monitors, the majority of them just pickup your own heart beat and are not capable of being pointed correctly to see a fetal blood flow.
Submitted by none22225858
I recently lost my baby boy due to the cord being wrapped around his neck twice. I was 36 weeks along and had a completely normal and healthy pregnancy up until that point. It does happen. I know it's rare, i never thought that would happen to my baby but it did. All you can do is everything you can in your power to have a healthy pregnancy. The rest is up to God.
Submitted by jennevievez
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Submitted by gargsweta69
If you're worried ask your doctor for a test.I read that it has happened to a baby just 2 days before s/he was suppose to be born,and ended up being fatal.While this is rare,and not likely to happen you can ask your doctor if the babies heart beat,or kicks start being different or slower.Prenatal heart monitors that you get at the store for maybe $20(i got mine off ebay)are good,since you can hear your baby,and it helps calm you down.
Submitted by msd52010