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Is it normal to have weird dreams during pregnancy?

Is it normal to have weird dreams during pregnancy?
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Yes, many women report having much more vivid and colorful dreams during pregnancy than they ever did before. This may be due to those wild hormonal fluctuations you're experiencing, which can make your emotions (even when you're sleeping) and your dreams more intense now. But a more likely explanation has to do with how well or deeply you're sleeping these days. Since pregnant women tend to wake more often throughout the night (as a result of being physically uncomfortable, needing to pee, or because the baby is moving), they experience several interrupted phases of REM sleep, which is when dreams occur. If you're awakened during the REM stage of sleep or just afterward, you're a lot more likely to remember your dreams, making them seem more vivid, colorful, and real.

Your bizarre dreams likely reflect your thoughts, hopes, and fears about pregnancy and becoming a mom. It's common to dream about things like losing the baby, the presence of the baby in bed, or talking animals (which may represent your baby). Some women even dream about their partner having sex with someone else, which stems from a need to feel assured that you will receive support from him after you become a mom. Consider jotting down your dreams in a journal, so you can share them with your partner and get chatting about what he's dreaming of as well (yes, it's normal for expectant dads to have some crazy, vivid dreams of their own).

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I keep dreaming she's born and I go looking for her and then she kicks and I feel silly anyone else had similar
Submitted by daniellelw198y
Wow glad in not the only one. I dreamed I ate my baby.. It was a tiny capsule and I swallowed it. Weird stuff?!
Submitted by nitaboo513
ooo my gosh I had the most awful dream last night about my two older kids dieing yes dieing at a theme park one is 5 and the other 3 it was the worst thing ever I actually got up from bed and had to go check on both of them to see if they were ok..and they were..I actually ask my doctor about this this morning and he said that it was normal I have never ever dreamed something like that and I don't want to ever again. I am excepting baby number 3 so excited and so are my other two kids and hubby!
Submitted by beckysteele27
Oh my gosh, so normal! The other night, I dreamt I had my baby (our second) and the nurses handed me a cat wrapped in a receiving blanket!
Submitted by kayla_bright
try to change your sleeping environment depending on if you like your dreams or not.
Submitted by kmontalvo22