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How soon will I get my period back after having my baby?

How soon will I get my period back after having my baby?
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If you're not breastfeeding, it usually takes about six to eight weeks for your period to return to normal after delivery. If you're nursing, there's no need to stock up on tampons just yet. The hormones circulating while you're breastfeeding can temporarily suspend ovulation, so you may not see a period (or experience a regular one) until you wean your baby. Your period should return within six to eight weeks after you stop breastfeeding, though it can take months for it to be totally regular again. If you think you should be menstruating and you're not, give your doctor a call.

It's important to remember that even if you're not menstruating regularly while you're breastfeeding, you could still ovulate and become pregnant. This is most often the case for moms of babies older than 6 months, who are eating solid foods and breastfeeding less frequently, or for babies who get a combination of breast milk and formula, because levels of breastfeeding hormones may not be high enough to suppress ovulation. So if another baby is not in your game plan right now, be sure to use a reliable method of birth control, like condoms.

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In response to a note below, breastfeeding is NOT 98% effective birth control. You can definitely get pregnant before you ever even get your period back! Play it safe folks.
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just a reply to the side question about lochia, it lasts 6-8 weeks usually (explained by the nurse at the child birth class i recently took) it can be shorter if you are breast feeding as baby's suckling can help your uterus contract back to normal quicker. also, i was told that as long as baby is only breastfeeding it can be equal to 98% effective birth control.
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how long will the lochia last
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