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How soon after a c-section can I have sex again?

How soon after a c-section can I have sex again?
Submitted by American Baby Team

Intercourse will be off limits for the first six weeks after you deliver (trust us, it'll be the last thing on your mind, anyway!), which gives your incision time to heal and your cervix time to close and return to normal. Once your doctor gives you the green light, know that your first time back in the saddle will actually be much more comfortable than it would have been after having a vaginal delivery.

Having a c-section should not affect your sex drive, but many new moms don’t feel like making love again right away -- and that's totally normal. For one thing, you're probably exhausted from your newborn's round-the-clock schedule. And the hormones you release while breastfeeding have also been known to temporarily lower libido, too.—Stacey Stapleton

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well i healed pretty quickly and i had loads of help with my first born. so i was ready in four weeks. but to each is own!!!
Submitted by desirae87roberts
6 weeks
Submitted by dejuana14