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Can I keep my belly button ring in during pregnancy?

Do I have to take my belly button ring out now that I'm pregnant?
Submitted by Team

Not right away, but once your belly really starts to pop (by week 20 or so), you'll probably want to remove it. The skin covering your belly begins to stretch, the area around the ring may become irritated and painful, and more prone to infection. If you manage to make it through all 40 weeks with your belly button ring in place, your doctor will likely ask you to remove it before delivery (in case you end up needing a c-section).

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If your looking for a way to keep your piercing go to There is more information there, for example you can keep your piercing in during delivery in most cases, see website
Submitted by monkeydna77
If your looking for a way to keep your piercing go to There is more information there, for example you can keep your piercing in during delivery in most cases, see website Also not all "maternity" belly rings are equal the ones at Pregnancy Piercings are super flexible and move with your growing belly.
Submitted by monkeydna77
With my first baby I was able to keep my ring in the entire time. I am looking into a maternity belly bar this time around since my belly button seems to be popping a bit earlier than the last time but unless your Dr tells you that it could be damaging or if it becomes uncomfortable, you should be able to keep it in.
Submitted by kalenasmommie
i kept my belly button ring in until the day i went into the my belly went back down i realized that the skin it was pierced to had stretched and didnt lay flat like it did prior to pregnancy. i would take it out...i had no problem getting it back in after the fact and then you wont have the stretched skin!
Submitted by lamiavita07
My doctor advised me to remove it but on the next visit I showed up with a maternity belly ring made of some safe plactic material that had a "baby on board" charm. She thought it was quite cute and allowed me to keep it but said I might need to remove it at delivery time.
Submitted by Ritharna
During my 1st pregnancy I was able to keep my belly button ring the whole 40 weeks and didnt have to remove it. I am pregnant with my 2nd child and I am hoping for the same thing.
Submitted by crystal09081980
Take the ring out. Leaving it in will leave a scar as your belly pushes the ring out.
Submitted by kennedyshunn
They now sell belly rings for women who are pregnant. It is plastic and has a longer rod that bends with your belly.
Submitted by muzicwoman20081
I had a belly ring, but had to take it off because as my stomach was stretching, it was actually pushing the ring out, it was practically hanging on to a small piece of skin. I didn't want to lose it plus it was painful.
Submitted by tinapasquali
Check out I ordered one and am looking forward to wearing it! You can cut the post to your desired length
Submitted by teenerh
no they have rubber belly rings that you can use during your belly greowing days.
Submitted by bird500
It depends on how big you get and what you feel comfortable with. My SIL had hers in the whole time she was pregnant with her first. There are pregnancy navel rings you can wear that are more comfortable than the rigid steel or whatever you're using. If you can't get it off then you'll have to see a pro for them to change it.
Submitted by Alex
what if you can't get it off!!
Submitted by aeparks74