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Can having trichomoniasis affect my baby?

What are the risks of having trichomoniasis during pregnancy? Will it hurt my baby?
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One of the most common sexually transmitted infections, trichomoniasis affects nearly 125,000 pregnant women. Caused by a parasite called trichomoniasis vaginalis, trich can cause uncomfortable symptoms like a yellowish-greenish discharge, itching and redness in the genital area, and pain during sex and urination.

The disease is easily treated with medication that's safe during pregnancy. But if left untreated, trichomoniasis can increase the risk of having your water break prematurely or having a preterm birth. Babies born to women with trichomoniasis rarely contract the infection, but they can develop a fever after birth. If you're experiencing symptoms, ask your doctor to test you, as women aren't routinely screened for trich during pregnancy.

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