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Are cramps during my pregnancy normal?

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and having cramps that feel like my period. Is this normal?
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This is very common for pregnant women who are almost to term. However, it's important that your doctor check you to make sure that you're not in early labor.
Usually this type of cramping precedes labor; it allows the lower portion of the uterus to thin out, which gets your body ready for labor. Make sure that the doctor checks your cervix to see if it has dilated, which can be a sign of early labor. If it's not early labor, drinking a couple of glasses of water or juice and resting should help quiet your cramps. However, if it persists, let your doctor know.

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In response to the stuff below, let me say that the netty pot is great if you want to avoid drugs for your congestion. it's just a saline solution (similar to what they are gonna hook you up to at the hospital throu an IV anyway). It definatly takes some getting used to thou.
Submitted by bethanyboyd11
I get swollen sinuses every fall like clock work. Change in the season and BAM it hits.I do have warning signs though. Sneezing and tingling in my nose. I have a "Netty Pot" which I use then once a day to flush out the crud and early infection. If there is pressure between my eyes and in my forehead I'll get on all 4's and put my head down so the Netty Pot solution will go all the way up there too. Some times it burns put when it empties out you can't even imagine the crud that comes out.
Submitted by lovelle100
Please don't take any medicine at all if you can avoid it, it caused me a miscarriage.
Submitted by greenmeadowsou1
what medicines are ok to take for allergies and sinuses?
Submitted by Katilang