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What will I learn in Bradley Method classes?

What will I learn in Bradley Method classes?
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The Bradley Method is a childbirth technique that encourages expectant moms to have a natural birth (translation: no drugs or anesthesia). It's taught in a 12-week course and emphasizes good nutrition, prenatal exercises, and relaxation. If you know you want to have a drug-free birth experience, the Bradley Method might be the best option for you. Courses teach abdominal breathing, relaxation, massage, and many more ways to work with your body to manage the pain.

Many couples that choose the Bradley Method also enlist the help of a doula (an experienced nonmedical assistant who provides physical and emotional support) to attend their birth, as well as having a doctor or a midwife

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The Bradley Method is also great for fathers that want to be very involved in the birth. A lot of the class is focused on what your partner can do to help you have the birth you prefer. It also teaches them how to be an advocate for you. The nightly practice massages are a plus :) More info can be found at
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