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What should I do if my girlfriend keeps making inappropriate comments around my hubby?

My single girlfriend makes inappropriate jokes and comments around my husband. Iíve called her out on it in a lighthearted way, but she keeps doing it. Whatís my next step?
Submitted by Maryn.Liles

First, you have to make sure the things your ďfriendĒ has been saying are out of lineóor if youíre simply being a tad neurotic and paranoid. (Please donít slap me for saying so, but that must be sorted first.) Consult a neutral third party for her opinion. If she says youíre overreacting, think about whether youíre being insecure and how to work on your relationship with your partner. (P.S. Paranoid is sooo not sexy.) But if she confirms that your flirty friend is out of line, drop that bestie. No real girlfriend would ever hit on the father of your children, unless she didnít respect you, your friendship, and herself. You deserve better. Period.

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