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Should I be worried that certain foods will cause choking?

My twin granddaughters are 1 year old. They are fed grapes cut in half, whole green beans (not cooked) from a can, whole sausages, and other whole foods. My concern is that the foods are not chopped or cut small enough. The girls have two teeth on the top and two teeth on the bottom. Should I be concerned about choking? Things sure have changed in 30 years!

Submitted by tgfox1

I agree with your concerns. Sausages, hot dogs, peanuts, hard carrots, grapes--and anything that is about the size of a young child's airway--are a choking hazard. Skip the peanuts entirely until age 3 because of choking risks and cut the other items in quarters so they are small enough to be swallowed, in case the children do not chew them properly.

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