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Dr. Yoni Schwab

Yoni Schwab, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist from New York City.  He is the psychologist of the Windward School, a world-renowned school for children with language-based learning disabilities. He is also in private practice in Riverdale, New York, where he works with children, adolescents, adults and families.  He specializes in parenting challenges, anxiety, depression, oppositional behavior, ADHD, and learning disabilities. He consults and speaks extensively to school, parent, and community groups on fostering positive social-emotional and character development in children, progressive behavior management, and raising the achievement of behaviorally and academically challenged students.  He research and publications focus on the effects of social-emotional skills on academic achievement and how to help kids internalize positive behavior. Dr. Schwab earned his doctorate in clinical psychology at Rutgers University and his B.A. at Columbia University.  He has trained at the NYU Child Study Center in the treatment of ADHD and disruptive behavior and at the Institute for Behavior Therapy in New York City.  He lives in Riverdale, New York, with his wife (a 2nd grade teacher) and three young, energetic children.