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Dr. Elizabeth Matheis

Elizabeth Matheis, PhD (Dr. Liz) is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and certified School Psychologist who specializes in assisting children and their families with Autism and other learning/behavioral disorders. In addition, Dr. Liz serves as an expert consultant for public schools and private institutions, providing psychological support and treatment, program evaluation, and advocacy. In addition to her consulting practice, she leads a mental health and support division at a premier school for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, learning and behavioral challenges. Dr. Matheis focuses on well-aligned parenting styles, consistent home environment, and the establishment of boundaries and behavioral expectations in helping children and families to realize their fullest potential. Dr. Matheis is a featured contributor to a number of popular press magazines, where she provides real-world, pragmatic solutions to complex problems.

Dr. Liz and her husband share their private clinical psychology practice in Northern New Jersey. She is the proud mom to two young children and is a fitness and nutrition enthusiast. Please keep up with Dr. Liz by following her on Twitter and Facebook.