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When can my child return to school after having head lice?

When can my child go back to school after having head lice?
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If he's treated properly (you can use a special nontoxic shampoo to kill the bugs) your child should be able to return to school the very next day. To be certain, reexamine his hair thoroughly to ensure that all lice and their eggs (called nits) have been removed. Keep in mind that many schools adhere to a no-nit policy, which means that every single nit must be removed before a child will be readmitted. If your school enforces this policy your child may need to be examined by the school nurse before he heads back to class. Since even a truly thorough search can miss a few nits or bugs, experts suggest continuing to check your child's head for three weeks after treating. --Chelle E. Cohen

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It's great to get on with our life after a bout with head lice. However, unless your case of lice was really minor to begin with, you will need a very specific plan of action to remove all the nits and viable eggs. As a side note: more often than not, lice pesticide shampoos including "the big guns" (prescription strength) leave numerous lice on the head. Try this instead and get back to school right away!
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