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Should we give Valentines to boys and girls?

My son is 5 and would like to send a valentine to everyone in his class, I was wondering at what age it is o.k. and when other parents are more likely to object.

Submitted by matipkid929

Most modern day classrooms treat Valentine's Day as a fun way to pay attention to friends -- and not as a romantic situation.  But ask your child's teacher. Most classrooms have rules about this, and usually urge the "all or nothing" rule for goodie bags, gifts, and holiday treats. Beyond your teacher's preference, there isn't a problem giving a Valentine's Day card to children of the opposite gender -- and your son will likely let you know when girls become too "yucky" to give Valentine's Day cards. You can also look for child-appropriate Valentine's Day cards -- there are tons available that show cute animals, fun sports, or cartoon characters. 

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