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Why is my baby crying while sleeping?

I have a month-old baby who keeps on crying while sleeping. I'm not sure what to do -- what might be causing this?
Submitted by lfrelimo74

Sounds like your newborn is "sleeping like a baby." Parents are often surprised at just how much noise a tiny baby can make, even while sleeping. Of course, you want to check with baby's doctor to make sure nothing is wrong. But if he's healthy, it's just one of those things that he'll grow out of.

New babies' neurological systems are still quite "raw" for awhile. They're still getting all of their body systems regulated, including their sleep/wake cycles. That's why they have those weird, semi-conscious states where it's hard to decide if they're asleep or awake. This will improve over time, and by 3-4 months of age you should notice a big improvement.

Throughout the first year, it's important to comfort baby when he's upset -- that is, if he is truly upset. If he's just grunting and making noise, you might consider having him sleep in his own room so that YOU can get some rest!


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If any of you mom's need professional sleep consulting, please give Dear Baby Parental Support Team a try. They are affordable and their method is not cookie cutter! They are behaviour professionals that get to the root of the problem. they really work!! It's a blessing so I had to share it with the world.
Submitted by MissMarie33
It could be hunger, gas/intestinal discomfort, or maybe that your baby is too cold or too warm. If the baby goes back to sleep, don't sweat it. However, if your newborn cries and wakes up, you'll have to figure out why your baby won't sleep and address the problem.
Submitted by dkoboldt
My son is 2 months now But he also will cry randomly while sleeping. He probably just gets a little gas bubble that is uncomfortable to him. Try raising the head of his mattress slighty by rolling a towel and placing it under the mattress. It will help with the gas and make him more comfortable. It is very normal for babies to make little noises in their sleep. Don't worry. He will let you know when something is really bothering him.
Submitted by ashleyshark11
Make sure that he is not overstimulated during his awake time
Submitted by z-ray