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Is it okay to give my son a pacifier so he'll go back to sleep?

My baby sleeps through the night most nights but will awaken a couple of times. Is it okay for me to give him the pacifier so he goes back to sleep? If I don't he has a hard time soothing himself and ends up crying. He is 4 months.

Submitted by anadesouza85

Absolutely feel free to give your baby his pacifier during the night when he wakes up.  Starting around 6 to 7 months, most babies have the ability to reach for the pacifier and get it to their mouth.  Encourage him to do so by putting several pacifiers in one corner of his crib and helping him reach for it at bedtime and during the night.  He’ll get the hang of it quickly and won’t need you any longer to get it for him during the night.

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