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How can I stop co-sleeping?

My 8-month-old baby still sleeps with us. How can I stop co-sleeping?
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Co-sleeping can be very comforting for a baby, but it's also a tough habit to break. Start making the change at bedtime. Put baby down awake in her crib instead of nursing her or holding her to fall asleep. When she wakes at night, you can bring her to your bed for the first week or two, but then start to comfort her in her own crib, without picking her up. She may resist and cry a ton at first, but once she gets better at falling back asleep on her own, you'll find that she'll naturally start sleeping through the night without you.

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Most co-sleeping deaths are because the adult was drunk or high and rolled over on the baby. But yes, caution is very important when sleeping with an infant.
Submitted by kmarzhall
Co-Sleeping can be conforting but it is also dangerous i read that in missori alone 250 babies have died of sids due to co-sleeoing
Submitted by prbabygirl1108