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How can I get my baby to fall asleep?

My baby will only fall asleep if I'm holding him. What can I do?
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If you rock your son to sleep in your arms when he naps and goes to bed at night, imagine his surprise when he wakes up and Mommy's not there. What you need to do is put your son down when he's awake (and a little groggy) rather than snuggling with him until he conks out. We know, we know -- easier said than done. Your baby may put up a fight initially, and you may be in for a week of some serious crying before he can fall asleep on his own. But if you're consistent, it will happen. Put him down, give him something interesting to look at (like a mobile, a crib-safe mirror, or a toy aquarium) and see how it goes. When your baby cries, let him have at it for 10 minutes before you run in there. After that, you can go in, rub your baby's back and talk in a soothing voice, but don't pick him up. It's tough -- but he'll catch on eventually.

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OMG! Please do NOT let your baby cry if he/she is 3 months or less. Any kind of sleep training that involves letting a baby cry should not start before 6 months actually, when the baby understands the concept of a home, knows the parents are nearby even if they are not holding him/her. Young infants don't have a grasp of these concepts and go through the anxiety of separation from the uterus. I can't believe did not specify the 6-month minimum age, what a blunder!
Submitted by kloglogix
I have a child who is soon to be 2yrs old in april and does not allow anyone else to put him to sleep other than me !!! How do I stop this all together??????
Submitted by biggtwinn76
Bundle, Bundle, Bundle!!! I have a 4 mo old girl and it works every time!
Submitted by lissabbrown