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How can I get my 4-week-old newborn to sleep in his bassinet/crib?

My baby is 4-weeks-old and will not tolerate being put down for more than 10 minutes max. He will only sleep on me (or a warm body) & not anywhere else. Will this change and when? I love cuddling the lil man, but cannot get a thing done including using the bathroom! At what point/age do I let him cry in his bassinet for sleeping purposes? I am also nursing.
Submitted by lisamariedevlin

Newborns have very immature nervous systems, thus they are born with few strategies to soothe themselves. They are used to being snug and warm inside the womb. And, they know how to suck, which is soothing for them. That's about it! So, for the first 2-3 months, you've gotta do what you gotta do to help soothe your baby for him to relax and fall asleep. Yes, that means rocking, snuggling, singing, etc. after spending 24/7 with your newborn, you will figure out what reliably works to help your little one settle down. I only suggest that you find a safe sleep place for your baby. Sleeping on your chest can be a risky place because you may fall asleep due to sheer exhaustion-even if you don't plan on it. A baby can roll off of a parent's chest who is reclined on the couch or rocker. Or a parent may roll over on a baby while in bed with her. So, if your baby will only sleep if she is skin to skin with you, I suggest a co-sleeper bed attachment that allows the baby to have her own sleep space next to you. I also highly recommend a good swaddling technique so your baby feels snug--for the first 2 months of life.

Between 3-4 months, I do recommend giving your baby her own space, removing any sleep crutches you have adopted (feeding to fall asleep, rocking to sleep, etc) and a little time to fall asleep on her own-to see if she can self-soothe.


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As a newbie, my son was too small for the swaddler PJs & hated the open space of his crib. So, he ended up sleeping in his popisan which sat on our couch & me sleeping next to it. Now we're trying to get him used to his crib. We figured out that a small space heater works wonders. Keep it across the room at a low heat & it warms up the room to a good temp that keeps him sleepy. We also bought a "Kidopottamous" head & body support thingie typically for strollers, but is approved for cribs.
Submitted by Jackie006
I had the same problem with my son. Lay a tshirt you have worn recently on his mattress so he can still smell your secent when you lay him down. Also, raise his mattress slightly by rolling a towel or blanket and place it under his mattress. And one more trick, Place a heating pad on low onto his mattress while you are getting him to sleep. Remove it right before you lay him down on your shirt. And another thing you can also do go buy a cd with heartbeats and another backround noise like ocean sounds and play that. I bet you that will help! And before you know it he will have no problem!!
Submitted by ashleyshark11
Try this reliable source for info on co-sleeping with your baby safely. BOOK: "Sleeping with Your Baby - A parent's guide. . ." by James McKenna - Director of the Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory!
Submitted by TheParentCoach