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Can a baby catch strep throat?

Can a baby catch strep throat?
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Anything is possible, but it's very unusual for babies to come down with strep throat. This bacterial infection is mainly seen in school-age children and teens, who regularly spend time in school sharing books, toys, playground equipment, locker rooms, and unfortunately, all their germs. When a baby does catch strep, it's almost always from an older sibling who brings it into the house, but even this is pretty rare. The symptoms of strep throat in a baby include: drooling excessively, having difficulty swallowing or breathing, acting overly tired or fussy, and showing a poor appetite. If you suspect that your baby has strep, see your doctor right away. Most likely your pediatrician will do a throat swab to confirm that the problem is actually strep. If so, it will be treated with a course of antibiotics.

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sometimes a baby can get something called thrush wich may look similar to strep throat kinda like a white coating all over the whole mouth
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