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Should my baby drink whole milk or formula?

My baby's about to turn 1. Should I start giving him whole milk or toddler formula?
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Most pediatricians suggest switching to whole milk after one year (before then, a baby's stomach can't digest cow's milk very well), but you could try toddler formula if you want. The biggest difference between the two is that toddler formula has extra vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, making it a good choice for super-picky eaters who may be missing these nutrients from their diet otherwise. But most children don't need this supplementation and do totally fine with a combination of solid foods and milk (also a much cheaper option than formula).

No matter what your baby drinks, solid food should gradually become his main source of nutrition after 12 months. Start to increase his solid meals while scaling back the milk or formula, one ounce at a time. Serve meals of solid foods three times a day, plus healthy snacks in between, and let your child eat as much as he likes before offering a cup of milk or formula.

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