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Is it normal for my 6.5 month old to refuse to eat solids while teething?

No teeth have broken through but she will not eat solids. She used to eat really well.

Submitted by allisonm_french

Sometimes children do go through phases where they eat less or more than normal. Teeth can start to appear anytime between birth and 18 months and still be considered normal. The average age is around 6 months. If she prefers to chew on things and is drooling a lot teething may be the issue. Check in the mouth to be sure that there are no white spots which could indicate thrush (an overgrowth of yeast in the mouth) if you see them seek medical treatment from a doctor. Continue to offer solids once a day and try different textures of foods and types of spoons (those with a coating like a teething ring may be preferable to her). If you go more than 3-4 weeks without success or if at any time she starts refusing liquids a visit to her doctor would be recommended.  

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