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What can I do about sore nipples from breastfeeding?

My nipples hurt while Iím breastfeeding. What can I do?
Submitted by Parents Team

The soreness is probably because your baby is latching onto your nipple only -- and not to the areola, the surrounding dark area. Take your baby off your breast, and gently rub your finger on his lower lip to get him to open wider. At that moment, place your nipple into his mouth, including as much of the areola as possible. To relieve sore nipples, expose your breasts to air and light for several minutes daily. Applying pure lanolin products, such as Lansinoh, can also promote healing. --Laura Flynn McCarthy

Originally published in Parents magazine, August 2002. Updated 2009.

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I used Lanisoh in the past and it really works. I also would squeeze a little milk out and rub it on my nipples and let it air dry. The good news is that the sore nipples do stop. I have been BF for the past 5 months and have to say that I haven't had to do anything to my nipples afterward for at least the last 2 months.
Submitted by schatzlefamily