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How do I transition my baby from the breast to the bottle?

Why is my baby so fussy while transitioning from the breast to the bottle? I'm giving him expressed breast milk instead of nursing because I'm going back to work soon. He screams like he is still hungry.

Submitted by rachelkinseyke1

If he is drinking the same volume of breast milk in a bottle that he drinks at the breast, he should not be hungry. Most full-term babies who are 2-months-old will take 4-5 oz per feeding and those at 3-4 months old will take around 6-8 oz per feeding. It is possible he is just protesting the bottle itself because he is not able to nurse. I suggest letting someone else handle the bottle feeding while you sneak out of the house for an errand or a workout! He will be more accepting of a bottle from someone else.

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