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Why doesn't my son sit well by himself?

My 8 1/2-month-old child doesn't like to sit. He still falls over a bit when I want him to sit up. He stays for about 2 minutes, but then he wants to lay on his belly. He has never liked to sit, but he is crawling and pulling himself up. How can I help him?

Submitted by tracynase

Some babies will bypass certain milestones and just move on to the next ones...for instance, some babies skip rolling over and go straight to sitting up. While it is reassuring that your baby has the large muscle skills and the ability to crawl and pull up, I would definitely ask the pediatrician about this at your baby's upcoming 1-year well visit (this usually occurs at 9 months). The pediatrician will want to make sure your baby definitely has the core muscle strength to hold himself upright. 

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