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When will my baby start to walk?

When will my baby start to walk?
Submitted by American Baby Team

Most babies start taking their first steps between 11 and 15 months, but this milestone is hugely variable, and anywhere from 9 to 18 months is really considered normal.

Babies are actually born with an innate knowledge of the movements needed to walk; they just lack the physical strength to do it. If you stand a newborn up on her feet, you'll see that she instinctually moves one foot in front of the other in a walking-like motion. This so-called stepping reflex seems to disappear at around 4 months, but in actuality babies' legs simply become too heavy for their muscles to lift. By 6 months, when you support your baby standing up, she won't slump over because she is learning how to use her leg muscles for strength and her feet for balance. Once the muscles are built up, walking can begin in earnest. This just happens to coincide with the time when the brain is developed enough to handle balance and spatial understanding.

Once your baby can stand upright, encourage her to walk by holding her up by her hands and helping her get across the room. Creating a safe cruising environment and giving your baby plenty of practice balancing also helps give her the confidence to go it alone one day. You can also help encourage your baby to stand and walk by placing her toys on higher surfaces, like a babyproofed coffee table or couch. --Cynthia Ramnarace

Originally published in the February 2008 issue of American Baby magazine.

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A) never listen to someone who tells u what to and not to do w. Your kids. B)my daughter used a walker at 5 months yes 5 months. Cause she wanted to walk as in full blow fits if she couldnt. C) by 9 months she took her first steps No bad posture or weird at 11.5 Months FULL blown walking almost running *which she's been. Trying to chase her brother around laughing and giggling. It's all on if the child's seemingly ready. My oldest walked at 10 months 1 week on xmas eve.
Submitted by saunie889outlo
My daughter started using her walker around 10 months old. She then went on to start walking using furniture or anything around her. Then finally around 13-14 months she started working on walking without using anything. It's important to encouraging with clapping and saying "Yay!" and just trying to make walking seem fun. Limiting their time in a play yard or super yard helps as well.
Submitted by heathyhann52590
You shouldn't get your daughter a walker at all, they're dangerous, induce bad posture and actually delay acquisition of walking skills.
Submitted by belsha54559
When should I get a walker to help my daughter start walking?
Submitted by tashalachey