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When will my baby start to crawl and walk?

My 14-month-old baby still isn't walking or crawling, although she does scoot on her bottom. Should I be worried?
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We know you're anxious for your baby to take those first steps, but there's probably nothing to worry about. Most babies are walking on their own at around 12 or 13 months, but some don't walk well until as late as 15 months. As long as your child has no other developmental issues and seems to be making progress toward walking, it's all totally normal. Talk to your pediatrician and be prepared to answer a few questions to help him determine that your child's on track, such as:

• Has your child achieved other physical milestones on time, such as rolling over and sitting up?
• Is she otherwise healthy and not suffering from any chronic conditions?
• Does your baby stand with help (or by holding on to furniture) and take a few steps (called cruising), or does she not put any weight on her legs?

Although crawling is not a developmental requirement, it is worth discussing the fact that your baby never crawled but only creeps along on her bottom, since this could indicate a problem with her hips and legs. If this is the case, there's still no reason to worry. The majority of these issues are corrected with help from a physical therapist.

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