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At what month can I put my baby in a walker?

When is the best time to put my child in a walker?

Submitted by hernandezloera1

Never -- I can't really recommend them for children of any age.  Walkers give non-walking babies the ability to "drive" (without a license!). Without constant supervision, however, young children risk injuries -- falling down stairs or ending up in places you don't want them to around your house. As for toddlers and older children, they usually don't enjoy walkers since they already know how to get around independently.

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I was under the impression that "walkers" weren't manufactured anymore due to the risk of injury from falls, etc. What I think the question is in reference to the stationary activity centers that replaced walkers. Expert advice on that would be appreciated. However, with my first child, our pediatrician didn't recommend them either, that they could cause hip development injuries if left in them for too long and that they didn't actually help the child learn to stand or walk.
Submitted by melissawhayes