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Pregnancy & Birth

My husband told everybody about my pregnancy without my knowledge and now I miscarried. What do I do?
I found out that I was pregnant at 4 weeks, and my husband was excited. However, I told him that I wanted to wait to tell people. After a couple of days I found out that while he has been at work he has been calling practically everybody that he knows and even people that I don't like and telling them without informing me. I just found out that I miscarried, and since he has told everybody I don't know what to do or say, I feel embarrassed. What should I be upset? What can I do for support?
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How do I wean my baby from breastfeeding?
My baby will be two years old soon and I've strictly breastfed her. I've been trying to wean her for about a month now. She refuses to eat food at home. When I offer food she won't eat or will throw up anything she's eaten as soon as she sees it's time to nurse. She only drinks and keeps breast milk and water down. At daycare, however, she eats whatever they offer her, and I purposely don't send pumped breast milk bottles. What can I do? I don't want to just abruptly stop nursing her.
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Toddlers & Preschoolers

Why has my toddler has stopped responding to directions and his name?
My two-year-old son was very attentive and used to respond to directions, until he was 18 months old. In the last six months, I have noticed that he has stopped responding to directions, become highly irritable, does not greet people when asked to, and does not respond to his name. Has his behavior regressed? Is he autistic? Am I just an idiot who is worrying about nothing? Or, am I that idiot who didn't take his child's behavior symptoms seriously?
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Big Kids

Is there such a thing as being too helpful?
My 8-year-old seems overly eager to help around the house, especially since becoming a big sister 6 months ago. She will either ask to help or simply put her hands in the middle of what you're doing, like changing diapers or storing breastmilk! When told we don't need help, she'll pout dramatically or yell "But I wanna help!" She seems to want to help with everything but what we ask her to do, like making her bed. Lately I've let her make lunch and Swiffer, but it's not enough for her. Help!
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How do I have the period talk with my daughters?
One of my eight-year-old twin girls has had to start wearing a bra and using deodorant. Just yesterday, I noticed she is also growing pubic hair. I'm pretty sure it's time to have the period talk but I'm a bit unsure as to how to start the conversation. I don't remember what my mom told me. I'm also nervous because this particular child can be a bit dramatic and I'm not sure how she will take it. Any advice or ideas?
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