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Getting A New Baby To Sleep Through The Night
Getting A New Baby To Sleep Through The Night

Baby sleep whisperer Ingrid Prueher meets Eric and Laura, whose baby will only go to sleep when her mother rocks her, and sleeps in a portable rocker. Ingrid shows them how to break bad bedtime habits and get the baby to sleep through the night.

It Worked For Me!

Stain-Proof Backseat

We'd had our new car for less than a month before one of the kids left a so-called spill-proof cup upside down on the I cleaned the stain and immediately bought a queen-size waterproof fitted sheet to cover the entire backseat. I tucked it in around the seat, just like a mattress. Then I took scissors and cut a straight line in the sheet where I could pull the safety buckles through one at a time. Now I have a backseat that I can throw into the wash!